Kansas City Athletic Cheer is a place that not only teaches girls the skills to excel in cheer, but to excel in all areas of life! KCAC allowed me to come out of my shell and made a huge impact on me for years to follow! I started when i was in 7th grade. I am now 23 years old and still have a relationship with the coaches and go back to visit and help out often! At my first practice, I felt welcomed and encouraged by the girls and coaches. The gym is full of positive, uplifting energy! I learned to trust others and push myself even when I thought I couldn’t do something. KCAC helped me to become a college cheerleader at Kansas State University and now, I continue to use the lessons I learned by being the head cheer coach at Blue Valley North High School. KCAC holds a very special place in my heart and it always will! I am forever thankful to KCAC for being my cheer home!

You guys are the best! Thank you! ūüôā ¬†¬†Shelby W.


Choosing the right cheer gym for your athlete is not always an easy choice. When our family was searching for a new gym home, I began to observe gyms during competitions in the Kansas City area. I was looking for great performances on the floor that had challenging, entertaining, age appropriate and clean routines filled with choreography that met today’s level of standard. I was looking at everything from music selection, to hair, make up and uniforms that I felt met my comfort zone of what would be appropriate for my children. More importantly, I observed how the athletes, coaches and parents interacted with each other as well as with their competion and with the general crowd in the arena. There are quite a few good gyms in the KC area, but none that met the level that Kansas City Athletic Cheer displayed on a consistent basis.

Our family had no idea of the blessing we were about to receive the day we became part of the KCAC family. My children were welcomed with open arms and felt important to their coaches and teammates right away. They were placed on the appropriate team level and were given the best hands-on instruction and encouragement that they had ever experienced inside of a cheerleading facility. The organization and positive leadership from the owner and every single coach made the transition to a new gym extremely easy and enjoyable not only to my children but to me as well.

KCAC is a FAMILY. My daughters and I met some of our best friends inside the wall of this incredible cheer home. KCAC works tirelessly to establish a positive environment for all athletes, coaches and parents. Having daughters at each end of the level spectrum, I appreciated that there was no difference in how the athletes were treated or coached depending all their abilities. The parents and families were all so supportive of each and every child and team. When my family moved out of state, saying good-bye to our family at KCAC was the hardest part about leaving KansasCity. My kids are so blessed to be able to keep in touch with former teammates and coaches and we look forward to competitions when we can see, hug and cheer them on again. We will forever be thankful for our experience at Kansas City Athletic Cheer.  Dawn B.


My daughter Rylie is a competitive cheerleader. We live up north near the airport. About 7 years ago we needed a new gym because the gyms north of the river were not meeting our needs. We wanted a gym who put the girls first. Of course we wanted to win but more importantly I wanted Rylie to develop good life skills such as working as a team and working hard for what you want. So, we trekked out to 119th street to try out KCAC and we loved it! Rylie was on their junior level 3 team that year. The more time we spent at KCAC the more we loved it. After our first year the gym moved because it had out grown their current space. So, we now had to trek even further out to 151st street which is 42 miles from our home-but well worth it.

Rylie is now on Platinum the senior level 5 team and KCAC is her world. She is at the gym 5-6 days a week because it is ‚Äúhome‚ÄĚ to her. She honestly would rather be at the gym than out with friends. Her best friends are the girls at KCAC who share the same values and dedication to competitive cheerleading. She is a senior in high school and we are sad to think this is our last year at KCAC.

The coaches are amazing! If an athlete is injured their primary concern is to get them healthy again. There is not the push through the pain motto that is common at other gyms. The health of each girl is more important than winning. Johanna wants every girl who is a part of KCAC to be healthy and feel successful no matter what level they are on. The coaches are also completely engaged in practice. At other gyms we have been at the coaches sit during practice, talk on their cell phone, and bring their small children to practice. Not at KCAC. The coaches are there to focus on the team. They are up interacting with the athletes. Cell phones are not allowed on the gym floor and no one brings their children to practice.

About the 2nd or 3rd year we were with KCAC there was an issue with parents sitting in the waiting room critiquing athletes other than their own child. When Johanna heard about this a letter was sent to all parents explaining that this would not be tolerated at KCAC. She stressed that each girl should feel accepted and loved at the gym and that this behavior was not representative of who KCAC was. She went as far as to say that you would be asked to leave the gym if this rule could not be followed. At this point I knew we were at the right place. They care about the girls more than anything else and because of this the girls give it their all to make the gym proud.

If you are thinking about joining KCAC I most definitely would. Your daughter will grow as a human being and gain values that will make them successful in life. She will learn how to work hard and how to be a part of a team. She will meet other amazing young women who will become her dear friends. Most of all she will have a blast! Aren’t these things we all want for our daughters?  Kelli S.


My Love for KCAC.

Having three daughters who I love and adore has motivated me to find extracurricular activities that push them beyond their comfort zone, excite them so that they forget their school troubles and tribulations, teach them to be kind and decent humans, and importantly, support them so that they see they have the potential to do whatever they set their sights on.  Of course we’ve been involved in every kind of activity imaginable from music to dance to taekwondo.  You name it, we’ve probably done it.  When my oldest landed at KCAC in 2008 my world as a mother changed.  I love this gym and what it has done for my girls!

KCAC has been part of our life for eight years.  All three of my girls have enjoyed their time at this gym.  They treat my daughters with care and respect.  They are there to help them grow as athletes and as young women.  They are firm in their expectations of their young athletes but they are also mothers and know how to handle anything that life throws at these young ladies.  They encourage fun and silliness as well as strive to having winning teams.  My daughters have made friends that they will probably keep forever, and so have I, because of KCAC.

KCAC is reasonable in terms of the type of pressure and level of commitment your family must make for this sport.  Having experiences with three other cheer gyms in the area, I feel that we have found the best one in town.   As a business, KCAC is run professionally and every year, I become more impressed with how they manage the many teams and gym services they provide.  If your child is interested in tumbling or cheer, I truly believe this is the best place for them.  Carolyn A.