KCAC’s All Star Competitive Prep Cheer is the perfect entry program to have your athlete begin their all star cheer experience.  Our Prep Teams practice 2 days a week with a total of 3 hours. Attendance is required to be a member of our Competitive Prep Teams. These teams will get the experience of competing locally but on a smaller scale than our full season teams.  There is no travel required for this team.

KCAC currently offers Tiny Prep (ages 4-6), Mini Prep (ages 6-8) and Junior Prep (ages 8-14).

For more commitment, look to our Full Season Competitive All Star Teams. For less commitment, look to our Recreational Cheer Teams.

All of our All Star coaches are credentialed by the USASF and are safety and CPR certified.

Want a spot on one of our Competitive Prep Teams? Email [email protected] for an evaluation.